About Us

  SCOTT WILLSE     Costa Mesa California.

The idea for this crazy podcast came from Scott.

He has known Patricia since April 2004 and in all that time they have shared many stories about the mad antics of their cats – and Patricia’s other crazy animals. Scott suggested they share these goings-on in the form of a podcast, and Batty Cats was born.

Scott graduated from Costa Mesa High School in 1969, then went to Orange Costa Collage, where he was a computer science major and learned how to program on huge mainframes.     He has a passion for high-tech equipment and programming, and loves computers, the intenet, and software programs, and worked with Patricia on developing Marketing at The Jungle Queen, a Business Marketing and Web Development Resource. With his love of rock music and sound, Scotty looks set to find a real niche in podcasting.

  PATRICIA HOWITT     Far North, New Zealand.

Patricia has been on the net since July 1996 and put in her first website from scratch in December, followed by Health News in the following year.     She had a real-life graphic design and desktop publishing business, so her online presence was very much part-time, but she continued to develop websites, her favourite being Wild New Zealand, the online gallery for her Outdoors Art.

Patricia lives on her family’s 10 acre rural property in the Far North of New Zealand looking after her elderly mother and her zoo – 5 cats of the “Cast”, and the assorted “Friends”. She has now returned to the love of her life – art – and has been selling successfully on Ebay and TradeMe.  Great success with selling a limited edition run screenprint “Jack’s Dream” (which sold two copies to USA on Ebay and hit the “Hot Items” listings on TradeMe) and proofs of an unreleased etching “Pillow Talk” has set her on course to create more Feline Art which you will find with her other animal art at BattyCats.Biz.

  CRAIG WILLSE     Costa Mesa California.

Scott’s brother Craig is the official keeper of Mr Meow, son of the dear departed Momma Kitty. Craig and Scott also look after their elderly mom, and it is Craig, along with Mr Meow, who keeps the Willse household running smoothly.

By all accounts, girls, he is a great cook!


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